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The Oasis Ultra Fast Fill System™

The first system on the market that has maximized ultra-fast fill technology across the CNG transfer process

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The Future of CNG Transfer

For many years CNG users have been aware that the efficiency of CNG transfer has been impacted by the restrictions within their system. The Oasis ULTRA FAST FILL SYSTEM™ is the first to use flow-rate matched components that have been purpose built at apertures and pressures which suit the larger rates of CNG transfer required for larger vehicles and CNG trailers.

Oasis Engineering is the first component manufacturer to develop the ULTRA FAST FILL SYSTEM™ to transfer CNG from storage, through dispensers to waiting trucks and trailers. The Oasis ULTRA FAST FILL SYSTEM™ brings together Oasis's range of the ULTRA FAST FILL tank-head valves, ball valves, manifolds and breakaways alongside couplers and filling nozzles to deliver a better customer experience.

For storage, dispenser, trailer and vehicle manufacturers alike, the Oasis ULTRA FAST FILL SYSTEM™ provides CNG users with the highest efficiencies - safe, quick, ultra fast cool fills.

Oasis ULTRA FAST FILL CNG products are used by some of America's most recognised CNG truck, trailer and cylinder manufacturers. We are recognised for our innovation and our ability to deliver results to CNG users where it counts.

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