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Energy and Transport

Big changes are afoot as the world changes its consumption habits. There are now new, tougher conditions for transporting, storing and processing exotic, flammable or liquefied gases. There are gaps in the available technology vs the greater demands. Bridging these gaps we find Oasis providing valve and coupling solutions that handle greater volumes, higher pressures and tougher reliability requirements. Oasis leads the world producing fully certified valves handling these new challenges.

Grupo IGAS

Reliable products for the Brazilian and South American natural gas markets.

The Igas Group is an engineering company dedicated to finding solutions and designing systems for natural gas. They strive to give their customers the best possible outcomes in their particular application of natural gas. In order to satisfy their customers who have no access to natural gas, Grupo Igas have trucks and trailers that fill up at mother stations and then deliver the gas to outlying regions.

Igas trailers are cooled down with a unique technology cold water shower system which maximises storage capacity; however this feature has extreme corrosion and pressure challenges for their equipment. Oasis Engineering supplied the BV708 one inch Stainless Steel Ball Valve for Igas to try in their filling process.

Their reaction:

‘It’s the best valve that we’ve installed…, it is very much in our interest to establish a strong partnership with Oasis since we believe that this product is going to be widely used in our field of expertise’.

Hernan Guillermo Zwaal, Igas Engineering

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